Seventh Post: Faves

Are you bored? Me too. Lets talk…..about another movie!


#4: Edward Scissor Hands


Is there any wonder as to why I adore this movie? It is so delightfully weird, in which I find the most appealing thing about many movies; their weirdness. Oh, and Johnny Depp, of course. ūüôā

We start with an old woman, who is compelled to tell her granddaughter the origins of the snow that falls in their village; a story the old woman knows all too well. The story is of a man named Edward. Edward was quite a peculiar man, as he had scissors for hands. Invented by a scientist, who passed away before he was able to give Edward his real hands, Edward spent the majority of his life up on the top of a hill in a large home, alone. Forced to make-do with his odd hands, Edward was able to adapt to his situation without much trouble. Many years later in the town at the base of the hill, a woman named Peg Boggs is doing her local Avon sales, going from home to home for her routine visits. She find herself wondering why no¬†one¬†ever seems to go to the home at the top of the hill, and drives up, only to discover a man with scissor hands. Peg¬†isn’t frightened of him for long, and asks for him to return home with her as she doesn’t want him to be alone. Edward agree to come with her, and essentially becomes an adopted member of the family. Although things move relatively smoothly in the beginning, Edwards hands prove to be both a blessing and a curse as he proves his talents to the people around him and attempts to adapt to the challenges he faces.

I can understand where people are coming from as they continue to bash film-makers like that of Tim Burton, because of the fact that he made such amazing movies in his prime, this one included. I think his partnership with Johnny is incredible in many ways, but I understand the sentiment of annoyance with it. Classic Actor/Director partnerships like theirs comes from creating masterpieces like this. They make a great movie, and attempt to recreate the magic over and over again, at times failing to rise to the challenge. They have made a couple memorable movies since then, but never at this level of excellence in my opinion. I will forever remain in this films favor.

The elegant and interesting nature of Tim Burton comes across beautifully in this movie. You are able to see his talent as a writer and as a director throughout the course of the movie, and we are given a type of visual into his mind in a sense. Very few directors are as distinctive as him, to the point where you might turn on the tv and instantly know it was his work, whether you knew the movie of not.

Johnny’s portrayal of Edward is nothing short of notable, and ridiculously cool, to say the least. Its not difficult to see that Johnny was born to act, because of the way he is able to portray such an array of interesting characters with complexities far beyond what you would expect. His approach to this character was that of a dog. Odd as it may seem, he modelled the actions and reactions after a dogs. Affectionate, sincere, unconditional and infinitely forgiving. He tries to show the innocence of Edward through the portrayal, and in my opinion, he does it brilliantly. I believe Johnny is an artist, always has been, always will be.

The delightfully creepy and quirky atmosphere of this movie gives you enough reason to keep watching, but the characters, the story and the quality of it makes it an essential to your film repertoire. The partially tragic feeling to this film in what makes it stick for me. Over the duration of the film, your views will shift from comedy, to romance to tragedy. The story is relatively unpredictable at times, making it all the more addictive and exciting. Overall, the movie is satisfyingly well rounded.

Either way, if you haven’t seen it, I hope you enjoy it! Until next time,



Sixth Post: Faves

I’m going to get in touch with my inner child as I talk about this next one today, so if you aren’t a kid at heart, please don’t feel the need to read on.

#5: Peter Pan(2003)

When this movie came out, I think I was probably 8. For any kid who loved to pretend, or had a ridiculously wild imagination like myself, this movie was like an adventure on it’s own. This version was the first time they were able to use super cool visual effects for a Peter Pan film and the first time a boy had ever acted as Peter on screen.

If you don’t know the story (I sure hope you do), we start off with three siblings who live in England with their parents; The Darlings. The Darling children are very imaginative and love to pretend. The eldest, Wendy, loves to tell stories and has quite the talent for it too. She dreams of being a writer or adventurer of some kind, yet her parents feel that in order for her to fit into society, she must act more like a lady and settle for a modest lifestyle in the future. Her Aunt decides she will tutor Wendy, and from now on, must live separately from her brothers. Wendy is not keen on the idea of leaving the nursery, or being away from her brothers, as they are her only audience and companions. One night, as Wendy is telling a story about pirates, a flying boy comes next to her window to listen, as he does nearly every night. Fascinated by Wendy and her stories, the boy comes back to the house to look at the curious girl. Accidentally waking her, he becomes frightened, and in his attempt to escape¬†he is noticed by the family dog, Nana. Nana bites down on the boys shadow and it detaches from him as he flies into the night. Forced to leave it behind, the shadow remains in ¬†the house, wandering on its own until his owners return. Wendy believes the events that occurred the night before were just a dream,¬†but, the following night, he return once again to retrieve his shadow. Wendy wakes to find him on the floor attempting to re-attach the shadow, more or less unsuccessfully, and is thrilled that she wasn’t dreaming after all. The boy introduces himself as Peter, a boy with no parents who can fly. Wendys brothers wake to see the flying boy, and are astonished. Peter then teaches all three of them to fly, and convinces them to come away with him, to Neverland; A land with Pirates and Mermaids, Indians and Fairies. Together they fly, and begin an adventure of a lifetime.

I just want to say, that no matter your age or gender, you can’t really help but like this movie when you watch it. It’s so enticing and exciting that you wish you were a little kid again. The animations aren’t the most innovative in the world, but I love them, because they’re beautiful. Vibrant; Like a child’s imagination. Tinkerbell is one of my favorites in this version, because for the first time, she’s played by a real actress. I loved that they did this, because it gave her a little more depth and interest. Its one of my all time favorite¬†fantasy movies, and I used to force the kids I babysat to watch it with me. I feel as though all children should believe in something magical while they can, and this movie can open the doors to anyone’s imagination. Each time I watch it, it feels like the first and I feel like that little version of myself again.

The soundtrack to the movie is super awesome as well. James Newton Howard is amazing, and just like Hans Zimmer, makes every movie better by composing great scores. The music is able to add that final layer of magic to the film in my opinion. I think for any movie, the score is one of the most important factors, although often times overlooked. It maintains the moods and helps the shifts from scene to scene, essentially walking along side the film to keep it from falling.

If you haven’t seen it yet, just give it ¬†try. Whenever you have a break from your busy life, you’re stressed out, sad, or having a hard day, take a leap into the deep waters of childlike feelings and experience the film for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.

Until next time,




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Fifth Post: Faves

Hey! Let’s talk!

#6: Hanna


The story starts with a young, extremely albino looking girl, named Hanna. From the start, it’s clear that she is a skilled hunter or killer if you will. Hanna lives with her father in the middle of the icy/snowy wilderness and trains her to be quick, attentive and prepared for anything. They make it obvious enough that he is training her to be an assassin of some sort, having her recite information about her fake identity, and displaying the number of languages she speaks fluently . When Hanna tells her father she is ready to leave him and be on her own, he digs up a tracker system, and¬†all she must do is flip a red switch. Making it clear to his daughter that when she leaves, she will be hunted by a ruthless woman name Marissa Wiegler, Hanna flips the switch anyway while her father is away. When he returns, he is clearly heartbroken, although knowing this day would come. The two of them part ways, as this was part of their plan all along, reciting the time and place they will meet in their final moments together. Marissa Wiegler, a CIA agent hunting Hanna’s father, sends a team to their location in an attempt to bring them in for questioning. Unbeknownst to them, Hanna is waiting for them and attacks unexpectedly, killing many of Marissa’s men in the process. When they are able to capture Hanna, they bring her in for questioning. Marissa, never having known of her existence finds it hard to believe this girl was captured as easily as she was, and when Hanna asks to speak to her, Marissa sends in another agent to pose as herself. Unsure as to what this young girl is capable, she is taken aback when Hanna kills everyone in the room and escapes the cellar she was being held in without difficulty. Hanna’s mission from here on out is to get to Germany to find her father, and avoid Marissa at all costs.

Any movie that has well executed fighting and a super cool main character is appealing to me. Take “Salt”, for instance. Super cool story-line, interesting characters, awesome fighting (apart from the swan dive door scene), and some crazy, corrupted bad guys. If you liked “Salt”, you’ll like “Hanna”, because she like Evelyn, but 16, albino, and way more bad-ass (if that’s possible).

I also really liked what the writer did to Hanna’s character. He made her tough, ruthless and a designed killer, but not on all ends. Hanna has a softness to her that would make her an appealing person, and in some ways, is forced to be the killer that she is. She no longer wants to hurt anyone, and as she discovers new truths and builds relationships with the people she meets, these feelings only become stronger. Yet, she is continuously required to do what she was trained to do, as much as she may hate it.

Saoirse Ronan is probably one of my personal favorite actresses, and I typically always appreciate her work. I completely forgive her for “The Host”, and although that was the worst movie I had ever seen in my life, I didn’t feel it reflected her talent as an actress. I think she brings the depth the writer intended for the film, and she works as well as she can with the material she’s given. Love her. Cate Blanchett is also in this movie, and shes always great, along with Eric Bana, who I definitely don’t dislike, although I wouldn’t pick him as my fave. They all do a great job with their characters, and the relationship dynamics between all three is fun to watch.

In general, I like this movie because its entertaining.¬†I also kind of think its cool because of the slight Tarantino-esque qualities it has, but maybe others don’t see that in particular. The cinematography is great as well, especially with the striking colour contrasts and incredible scenery. Its just really fun to watch. It’s bloody, it’s interesting and it’s satisfying.

So, go ahead now! Go watch it! Until next time,


Fourth Post: Faves

Hello to my few followers. I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, the day ended up being a crazy one. So, I’ll just go ahead and pick up where I left off.

#7: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close.

Because 9/11 was so incredibly horrific and devastating to people all over the world, to this day its still hard for some to talk about. For those of you who watched the tragedy unfold and even for those who were too young to understand, either way I can assure you , this movie is sure to be an emotional one.

Here we go.

The main character of the movie is a 9 year old boy named Oscar, who is struggling profoundly after the death of his father in the 9/11 attacks. Oscar felt as though his father, Thomas, was the only one who could ever truly understand him. After his death, Oscar steals the answering machine with the last messages from his dad, replacing it with another one, hoping ¬†his mother won’t notice. He listens to the messages nearly every day in an attempt to stretch his time with his father as far as he can. Oscar and Thomas used to play a game called the great adventure, much like a scavenger hunt, but without much direction or any real clues. One day, when Oscars mother was still at work, and he was alone, he snuck into his fathers closet to stretch his time once again. As he attempts to pull something down from a shelf, a vase falls and shatters, revealing an envelope with a name “Black” written on the outside. Inside the envelope was a key, or, Oscars last clue from his dad. He promises himself that he will find where they fits, and who it belongs to. From then on, the movie follows Oscar on his journey to find the lock that fits, spending his every moment in search of a sign from his father.

The cast of the movie did such an incredibly amazing job. When you have people like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks in a film like this, you might automatically expect them to be breathtaking , in which case you will not be disappoint. Thomas Horn, or the little boy you may remember from ‘Jeopardy’ is heart breaking as Oscar and at some pints of the movie, a little too accurate. Sandra and Thomas ¬†have some incredibly powerful scenes together, making some sections of the film much more than just ‘tear jerkers’. I found myself unable to control how overwhelmed I felt, watching this story unfold, and watching the talent displayed, especially by Thomas Horn. He was so painfully real.

I have a hard time accepting when children are great actors, especially when its in a movie like this one. Let me explain. I don’t have a hard time with the fact that they’re great, I’m always just concerned for their mental well being. In my mind, I wonder ‘How can this little boy be portraying him so well, if he has yet to experience this in his life?’ He was incredible, don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t able to grasp ‘How?’. ¬†As much as I feel this way, though, I honestly can’t wait to see what he does in the future if he continues this career. I can’t even imagine.

I love this movie because not only is the acting great, but I believe the story is nothing short of a powerful one. The relationships Oscar creates and develops with the people he meets along his mission are what makes the story so touching and hard to watch without crying. You aren’t only crying because it’s a sad movie, but you’re crying because of the¬†affection you feel towards Oscar, his mother, and all the people he encounters. You feel the love this¬†mother has for her son, as well as the love he feels for her, even if he has an difficult time showing her. It demonstrated how the loss of a loved one can tear people apart, or bring them closer. It’s about letting go, forgiveness, trust and hope. Overall, I think the movie is truly beautiful, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to see that.

For the people who don’t understand the message of the film, I suggest you look a little harder. There are multiple, but take away what you will. If you are looking to watch it, I should let you know, BRING SOME TISSUES and try to appreciate the movie for what it is. Think about what it means to you, and if you don’t like it, just ask yourself why. Either way, your opinion is your own, and I promise to respect that.

(P.S. Sometimes, its really good to just cry, so if you need a movie to help you out, Voil√°.)

Until next time,

Mol ‚̧



Third Post: Faves

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

#8: Blue Jasmine

I had been quite skeptical as to whether I would like this movie, and contemplated watching it multiple times. Until Miss.Blanchett won her Oscar, I really never seriously thought about watching it, but when I finally caved, I was blown away.

First, I just wanted to commend Cate for her acting. She is downright incredible, and she embodies Jasmine so perfectly I could have just cried. She didn’t have to starve herself half to death, or do something crazy or drastic to show her commitment to the character, she just WAS Jasmine. Every scene was swelling with this character; terribly troubled and awfully materialistic. It was mesmerizing.

Within the first couple minutes of the movie, I knew I was going to love it. The sophisticated look to Jasmine obviously did not reflect her current state, as they mention her husband and herself had a messy falling out. She’s obviously on the verge of complete insanity, and talks to herself constatly, which I believed was meant to represent her attempts of “self-affirmations”. She turns to her sister, Ginger, who is hardly in a better spot than Jasmine financially, but is willing to help despite the ridiculous behaviour her older sister desplays. One thing that drove me crazy about Jasmine was her lack of gratitude to her sister, probably because of how realistic that quality is for so many people. I’m not sure how I ended up feeling bad for her, but I did.

The story flashes back and forth to Jasmines current and past situations, meanwhile unveiling the ugly truth to her separation from her husband. Ginger tries to remain as patient and loving as she can to her sister, even though the two of them are steadily falling apart at the seams.

The best part about the movie is how it’s so painfully accurate. Maybe not specifically the entire story, not all of us marry rich and go crazy when it doesn’t work out, but the relationships that the characters have with each other. I found Ginger and Jasmine to be the most truthfully portrayed characters because their surfaces hide the most important element in the story; Love. Throughout the whole movie, Jasmine seems to be searching for some kind of redemption in love, perhaps because she feels she doesn’t deserve it. The ending is a sort of “interpret for yourself”, so it’s really up to you to decide.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you watch it alone. That way, with a movie like this, you can appreciate everything the characters and the story have to offer. Jut give it a chance.

Try and enjoy things for what they are, and until next time,


Second Post: Faves

So, hopefully I’ll be able to post this before midnight…not going to bet on it though. Oh well. Okay!

2nd Movie Post!

#9: August Rush

So, basically this movie looks a little dumb to start off with, and whenever I try to explain the synopsis to someone, they just laugh. It seems like a little bit of a stupid concept, but I assure you, like everyone else I’ve forced into watching it, it’s really good. (They always seem to like it too!)

Overall, the movie received relatively bad reviews. I feel like it’s one of those “love it or hate it” types, but go ahead and judge for yourself.

The story is your typical opposites attract sort of theme. A talented classical musician meets an Irish rock musician, the fall in love one night on a rooftop, sleep together and bing bang boom, she’s pregnant. She’s never able to find mystery Irish boy again, resulting in him never knowing he has a child on the way. Between the pressure her father puts on her, and the stress of being pregs, she has difficulty coping with her situation. Her father is able to see that she is struggling and takes full advantage of a bad situation. After she gets hit by a car, he gives the child away for adoption after doctors have to do an emergency delivery of the baby. When she wakes up in the hospital, daddy tells her the baby didn’t make it, probably regretting doing so afterwards, as she goes into extreme depression. He decides to keep this a secret from her until he is on his deathbed many years later, and is upsettingly unable to point her in which direction her son might be. She goes searching for him, only to discover he’s gone missing but little does she know, he’s searching for her too.

The movie has a relatively talented cast, from Freddie Highmore to Robin Williams, Terrence Howard to Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Keri Russell isn’t my fave, and although she is really quite beautiful, I’m just not really a fan. Overall, I think they did a pretty job though. The music in the movie is also really great, most likely because the whole movie is about talented musicians and their connection with one another. (In fact, I own the entire soundtrack.)

The cinematography isn’t the most amazing in the world, but hopefully you’re willing to overlook that part as I did, because sometimes just appreciating a movie for what it is is just nice to do. The majority of the film is set in NYC, showing little landmarks here or there throughout the duration of it.

If you still aren’t sold on it, I suggest you listen to the soundtrack at the least, because it really is awesome. I especially love that Jonathan Rhys Meyers actually recorded a couple songs for the authenticity of the movie, and the guitar slapping music is pretty cool as well.

I probably love it because It’s one of the only romantic type movies I really actually love. It’s also another feel good movie. I’m not one for full blown “Chick Flicks” and other movies surrounded by continuous love making and pointless, sappy crap. This one IS about love, but not to the point that you would ever feel uncomfortable watching it. I hate that. Blegh.

Anyways, until next time,



Post #1: Current Faves (Day 1 Of 10)

For my first couple posts, I wanted to do a “Top Ten” list. I’ll post one each day for the next ten. Obviously, my opinions aren’t the most important, as I have virtually no authority and everyone likes movies for different reasons. OK. Let’s do this.

#10: Eat, Pray, Love.

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie, but it never really appealed to me much before quite recently. I just had my appendix out a few weeks back, so all I did the entire week afterwards was watch movies(I can’t complain). Of course, because this movie is on 10 times a week on the movie channel we get at home, I watched it, more or less passively at first. I always admired it for the scenery throughout, probably because I dream of being able to travel one day. Although I’m aware that world travel may not be as glamorous as in the movies, you can’t help but obsess over the incredible beauty they capture.

The main character is a real person, as the movie is based on a Personal Biography written by a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert. She goes through a difficult time in her life and decides she isn’t headed in the direction she hoped(like many of us discover ourselves) and decides to create her own destiny by¬†traveling to Italy, India and Indonesia.

The character development in the film is great, in my opinion. You see Liz go from place to place, discovering both the beauty in herself and her new experiences. She carries this ‘Help For Help’ type aura along with her on her discovery journey, changing others as they change her. I think I love her character so much because I feel a personal connection to her struggles. She doesn’t parade around asking people to show her the meaning of life, she actively searches for it. She’s just an average person looking for her place or purpose in the world. Aren’t we all?

All in all, I love this movie more and more every time I watch it. It makes you feel good on the inside and gives you a little bit of hope on a bad day. (James Franco not included. He gives me the creeps….)
Until next time,